Drawing on the most embarrassing recesses of his own life James Loveridge is a hilarious story teller who captivates and entertains audiences with his cheeky yet charming personality. Having performed all over the country as well as Sydney, Spain and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, James is a regular MC and growing force on the stand up comedy circuit. He manages to weave his quick-witted charm together with his natural story telling ability to make him one of the most exciting prospects out there and a raconteur of the truest form.

This year he is also bringing his brilliant debut solo hour ‘Funny Because It’s True’ to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Doing this comedy lark means I regularly put my contact details out there for promoters or other such people to be able to get in touch with me. Most of the time it serves its purpose and I’ve been contacted out of the blue by people who have seen me or heard of me and […]



Since doing comedy I’ve begun to find it fascinating the disparity of what I used to think goes into stand up comedy to what it actually goes into it. A lot of people who don’t regularly go to stand up, like myself when I started, believe that comedians just walk onto stage and wing it, that their […]